Covid 19

In the early days of the pandemic, when most people thought Covid would ‘fizzle out’, Volt’s Liz went back to college. The plan was to focus on business recovery, studying epidemics, virology and global communicable diseases.

As the months went by Volt’s Liz continued her studies in Public Health, Work Safety and Compliance, becoming Covid smart before the year was out.

With 20+ years in production and a newly acquired science education, Volt’s Liz quickly became the go-to Covid Consultant. As a reliable source, applying emerging science to the development of production safety, Liz devised on set solutions for celebrities and studios alike.

Then in early 2021, Volt’s Liz came to the attention of Amazon Studios, who recognized her “unique skills”, as a global producer with a “Covid optic”. Soon Liz was headhunted and became a trusted partner, providing executive oversight on a range of shows.

Encourgaged and armed with this broad knowledge, Volt produced a safety training video and so ‘Showbiz Liz’ became ‘Covid Liz’. A lighthearted guide to Covid protocols and hygiene In the workplace, featuring an illustrated superhero fighting ‘The Rona’.

Volt’s Liz has dedicated years to her profession and as a passionate follower of science, continues to keep ahead of the curve. She continues to consult for Amazon Studios on Covid related matters.

When it comes to affectively working in production, Volt can now add a knowledgable pandemic reputation, to deliver projects, not only on time and within budget, but safely. We think of the bigger picture.

Volt understands each client faces their own unique challenges as they focus on both the safety of their team and the continuity of their operations.

There is real uncertainty in the current world climate and it is difficult to know where to start or how to keep ahead of the ever changing landscape. Volt can provide a skilled guiding hand and a safe working environment.