Liz’s Story

Liz is often asked, “How did you get into film and TV?” So here is a look at the foundations of a successful, woman owned business.

Liz’s story began in academia, majoring in journalism, at The London College of Fashion, part of the prestigious London Institute. While in college, Liz secured a variety of internships; from ‘Broadsheets’ like The Herald to UK tabloids The Sun and The Daily Express.

A chance encounter then led to Liz landing an internship as a ‘Runner’ at Planet 24. Owned by Sir Bob Geldof, this new trendy production company went on to be famous for hit shows, ‘The Big Breakfast’ and ‘The Word’.

After graduating, Liz was immediately offered a position as Showbiz Features Writer at The Sun, working under Piers Morgan. Based at the newspaper’s offices in her home city of Glasgow, Liz competed, in a male dominated environment. Pitching daily entertainment and fashion ideas, along with interviewing celebrities and TV ‘soap’ stars.

Some highlights of Liz’s tabloid times include; reporting backstage from London Fashion Week, following Vivienne Westwood, Pam Hogg and Kylie Minogue, to the day she was sent by The Sun’s News Editor to ‘interview’ Princess Diana. Now that’s one for the book…

One day, Scottish Television called and so the crossover into TV became a natural move. Liz quickly landed a position as Researcher and Celebrity Booker at STV. A stint as TV Trailer Maker (On-Air Producer), soon followed adding more strings to Liz’s bow.

Then BBC came calling, appealing not only as a global broadcaster but having grown up watching ‘the Beeb’, to Liz it was a dream come true. Volt’s Liz felt an honor to be part of ‘the institution’. When Liz reported for her first day on CBBC’s teens magazine show ‘Mega Mag’, she met the fresh faced new host and soon to be, best friend, Gail Porter.

Liz and Gail would go on to travel the length and breadth of the UK, interviewing pop stars and celebrities and soon ‘Showbiz Liz ‘was born, an affectionate nickname Liz has never managed to shake off.

Showbiz Liz and Gail Porter went on to be part of the biggest UK network shows; Gail in front of the camera and Liz behind the lens. From Live n’ Kicking, to Top of the Pops, Glastonbury, Children in Need, Comic Relief and The Hogmanay Show, just a sample of the shows they made together.

Liz and her CBBC team would later win a coveted Bafta Award for ‘Activ8’ in the ‘Best Children’s Show’ category. An unforgettable, star-studded night, rubbing shoulders with like likes of Trainspotting’s Robert Carlyle and Ewan McGregor. Showbiz Liz, dressed no less in Vivienne Westwood.

Over the next 10 years, Volt’s Liz was promoted up through the ranks of the BBC. A special role was created to recognize her connections in music and entertainment. Liz was instrumental in helping launch the careers of artists like Coldplay, Muse and many more. Liz will always have a special place in her heart for Coldplay who she was reconnected with years later, to produce their ‘Oceans’ video for their Ghost Stories NBC special.

Liz traveled the globe representing the Beeb, producing and directing in far flung places like Malaysia, America and all across Europe. Often, during these trips, Liz recognized a need for someone with a special skill set, one she knew she possessed. A skilled connector, respected producer, and conduit, whose knowledge and skills crossed many borders.

The idea of Volt then began to take seed; understanding that there are Fixers in most parts of the world, Liz saw an opportunity in the US market. America never had Fixers back then and every time Liz traveled to the States, whether it was for the press or TV, it was obvious there was need for someone with her unique skills.

One day Liz voiced her idea for Volt, and a serendipitous moment saw Showbiz Liz have the opportunity to leave the BBC. But not before pitching her documentary, “Paolo Nutini Takes On America”, following the Scottish singer songwriter on his first attempt to break into the US music scene.

The ‘rockumentary’ was greenlit in November 2006 and Volt UK was established, then Liz hit the road with Paolo, touring all across the US. Liz and The Volt Mediafix team have been spearheading productions all over the world, ever since.

Founder: “Showbiz Liz” Stirling